About Me

I am David Wyatt, an engineer from the United Kingdom.

Currently I work as an Associate Principal Engineer at Dyson, the technology company. I am a Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, through which I was granted C.Eng. (Chartered Engineer) status in July 2015.

I came to Dyson from a Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge Engineering Design Centre. During my Ph.D. I studied the design process for complex engineered artefacts, and developed a computational method to help engineers develop new concepts for such artefacts.

As an undergraduate I studied Engineering at Cambridge and achieved a starred first in the 4-year combined B.A./M.Eng. degree. I specialised in Information and Control Engineering in the later years of my degree, following a general initial part of the course. During my degree I spent an exchange year at MIT, specialising in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science.

Before university I won a scholarship to study at Winchester College, where I achieved gold medals as a member of the UK team in the 2002 International Physics and Biology Olympiads.

Outside work I am a director of Bristol Hackspace, a group of creative technologists interested in “making” across a wide range of disciplines and in disseminating knowledge and understanding about such technologies. I am interested in digital fabrication, and one of my major hobbies is working with my own RepRap-derived 3d printer. My other interests include travelling and photography.