This page contains descriptions of interesting experiments and projects carried out by David Wyatt, arranged by subject.

Actively-stabilised rocketry
Actively-stabilised rocketry
The MegaSeaPerch
The MegaSeaPerch ROV
Pentagoon, a novel mobile robot platform
A rapid prototyping system using an Armdroid robot arm


Volumetric LED display
A volumetric LED display


Lego - Technic and Mindstorms
RoboCup Junior
Robocup Junior Soccer
Lego assembly lines
An automatic assembly line

Software tools I use with Lego
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Other Science
Diamagnetic levitation
Diamagnetic levitation using bismuth and graphite
(written as a scientific paper)
Chaotic waterwheels
Chaotic waterwheels
(written as a scientific paper)
Phototropic fungus
Phototropic fungus



If you would like to learn more about any of these, please contact me by email on david@[the plural of "wyatt"].me.uk. Or you could read my blog, or find out more about me...

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